Tanzania Portland Cement Co Ltd

End of Day - 15 Oct 2021
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Sector : Industrial & Allied

Tanzania Portland Cement Company Ltd. (TPCC) was established by Cementia Holdings AG of Switzerland in 1959. In 1962, Cementia Holdings AG in collaboration with Tanganyika Development Company (now Tanzania Development Corporation) started to build the cement factory at Wazo Hill in Dar es Salaam. The Government of Tanzania owned 20% of the company shares. Construction of the factory was completed in mid 1966 and the first bag of cement produced in Tanzania came out of the factory at Wazo Hill. 

In 1967, the government increased its shares in TPCC from 20 % to 50 % and in 1973, the company was nationalized, the government increased its shares to 100 %. In 1992, the government entered into a joint venture with two foreign companies i.e. Scancem International ANS (13 %) and Swedfund International AB (13 %) while, the government retained 74 % of the shares. 

In 2006, shares held by the Tanzania government were sold to the general public. Today share holdings at TPCC are as follows:Due to consolidation of Scancem International ANS into the HeidelbergCement Group of Federal Republic of Germany, the former is now known as HeidelbergCement Africa (HC Africa).

Scancem International
69.3 %

General Public
30.7 %

The 30.7 % held by the general public is actively traded on the Dar es Salaam Stock Exchange