Historical Background

1996 - Incorporation of the Dar es Salaam Stock Exchange and approval of Stock Exchange Rules

1997 - Publication of Collective Investment Scheme Regulations

1998 - Start of operations of the DSE with the first privatization and listing of state owned entity

1999 - Installation of the Central Depository System at the Exchange and Listing of the first corporate debt

1999 - Issuance of Guidelines for the Issue of Corporate Bonds

2002 - Listing and start of trading of Treasury Bonds at the Exchange

2004 - Cross listing of the first foreign company and the listing of the first airline company

2006 - Deployment of Automated Trading System linked with a new three tier Central Depository System

2008 - Listing of the first commercial bank

2011 - Listing of the first mining company

2011 - Publication of Regulations to govern introduction of Real Estates Investment Trusts

2013 - Migration to the new efficient Automated Trading System and Central Depository System

2013 - Launching of the second tier market: EGM - Enterprise Growth Market (EGM)

2013 - Listing of the first company on EGM

2014 - Deployment of ATS on the Wide Area Network and start of remote trading by brokers

2014 - Uplifting of Foreign Investors Limits Regulations

2015 - Introduction of the regulatory framework and subsequent use of mobile phone technology in IPOs (Equity and Debt) and Secondary Trading

2015 - DSE Demutualization and Re-incorporation into a Public Limited Company

2016 - DSE IPO and Self-Listing ; DSE joined the world federation of exchanges supporting United Nations Sustainable Stock Exchanges initiative; DSE Initiated the DSE Members Award.

2017- DSE listing of Vodacom Tanzania Plc the first and the largest telecom company in the country.