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National Investments Company Limited (NICOL)

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Sector : Banks, Finance & Investments

National Investment Company Limited (“NICOL” or “Company”) is a publicly listed company incorporated in the United Republic of Tanzania under the Companies Act 2002 and operates vide certificate of incorporation No 41644 of 27 June 2001. However, trading of the company’s shares in the Dar Es Salaam Stock Exchange was suspended in 2011. NICOL has an authorized share capital of TZS 200 billion dividend into 1.6 billion shares of TZS 125 each; 37,841,218 shares of TZS 125 each have been issued and fully paid. 

Incorporation & Initial Public Offerings (IPO)

NICOL was established as a private initiative on 25th June 2003 by a few individuals who raised equity to inaugurate its incorporation and registration. It was initially registered under the acronym NICO, which was later changed (in 2007) to separate itself from other entities that used the same acronym. The second stage of its incorporation saw the establishment organize funds through private placements that attracted 148 shareholders contributing equity capital of 140 Million Tanzania Shillings, as of 13th December 2003. On 6th March 2004 the Board of Directors recommended in the Annual General Meeting (AGM) for public share subscriptions through an Initial Public Offering (IPO) to restructure the capital base. This was prompted by the need to expand NICOL’s capital structure in order to achieve the company’s mission. The IPO would enable the company to make use of untapped investment opportunities and increase shareholders wealth. The AGM approved, and there after NICOL sought and obtained authorization from the Capital Markets and Securities Authority, which ultimately approved for 80 Million shares of NICOL to the public. 

NICOL Investments

National Investment Company Limited (NICOL) currently has got two active subsidiaries: Tanzania Fisheries Development Company Limited (TFDC)  and Tanzania Meat Company Limited (TMCL)TFDC was 100% owned by NICOL and had been involved in processing Nile perch for export to the European Union and other countries. However, TFDC was sold to clear some of the debt that NICOL had from the previous management. TMCL is a meat processing company for beef and other related products. NICOL is in a joint venture with government owned National Ranching Company, with NICOL having a 51% stake in the venture.

Our Management:

NICOL decisions and direction as a company are derived from the Annual General Meeting (AGM), Board of Directors, Investment Committee and the Management. 

Annual General Meeting

The shareholders Annual General Meeting is the highest decision-body of the company. The AGM elect the Board of Directors and appoints the external auditors periodically. 

Board of Directors

The Board Chairman and Board of Directors are appointed by the shareholders at the Annual General Meeting for term of four (4) years. The Directors are eligible for re-appointment as long as they do not exceed the age of 70 years. The Board is responsible and accountable to shareholders for ensuring that NICOL complies with all relevant aspects of the law and the highest standards of corporate governance and business ethics. The Board provides overall strategic direction, reviews performance and takes material policy decisions. Responsibility for implementing strategy and day to day operations is delegated by the Board to the Chief Executive Officer (CEO). The Board meets regularly to review all policy issues pertaining to operations and effectiveness of internal control and general financial matters, throughout the year. 

Investment Committee

Investment committee provides technical advice to the Board of Directors to ensure the shareholders funds are invested wisely in high returns generating projects. It independently advises on the investment priorities and establishes an efficient portfolio for NICOL.  


NICOL is currently under a new management that was appointed by 2016 Annual General Meeting, that handles the shareholders affairs and responds to their inquiries. It maintains the proper records of the company proceedings and co-ordinates the implementation of the AGM directives and resolutions on daily basis.


Our Vision:

To encourage,promote increase of Tanzanians involvement and control of their National Economy. 

Our Mission:

To be a pool of harnessing financial resources by providing a collective platform for Tanzanian individuals and enterprises, to participate effectively on investment opportunities in the country from engaging Public PrivatePartnerships Initiatives to acting as a fulcrum for joint ventures with willing foreign investors in strategic economy investments in Tanzania

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