ACA 7,430     CRDB 205     DCB 395     DSE 1,180     EABL 5,160     JHL 9,230     KA 100     KCB 850     MBP 600     MCB 500     MKCB 900     MUCOBA 400     NMB 2,750     NMG 2,320     PAL 470     SWALA 500     SWIS 3,820     TBL 13,000     TCC 11,050     TCCL 1,360     TOL 800     TPCC 1,780     TTP 650     USL 60     YETU 600     

East African Breweries Limited (EABL)

End of Day - 21 Jul 2017
5120 Previous 5160 40 ( 0.78% ) 0 High 0 Low 0 Volume 0 Turnover - 5160 1 Year Range

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Sector : Industrial & Allied

ast African Breweries Limited (EABL) is East Africa's leading branded alcohol beverage business with an outstanding collection of brands that range from beer, spirits and adult non alcoholic drinks (ANADs) reaffirming our standing as a total adult beverage (TAB) company.


With breweries, distilleries, support industries and a distribution network across the region, the group's diversity is an important factor in delivering the highest quality brands to East African consumers and long-term value to East African investors.


As a consumer driven business EABL takes time to study the market and understand consumer needs and wants as well as how best to satisfy them. That is why we constantly invest in innovating and renovating our brands to stay at par with dynamic consumer trends. This goes hand in hand with our Vision to be the most celebrated business in Eastern Africa.