Investment Challenge Rules

Rules - The DSE Scholar Investment Challenge 2016


The DSE Scholar Investment Challenge is an edutainment initiative targeting Tanzanian youth in higher learning institutions. The challenge is an online simulation of live trading at the Dar es Salaam Stock Exchange (DSE), where each participating group/individual is given a virtual start-up capital to invest using the DSE real time information for a period of 3 months. The winner is the team/individual considered by a panel of judges to have made the most sound investment decisions, the highest portfolio value and to have contributed in the discussion forum.

Targeting Scholars
The DSE scholar investment Challenge 2016 is open to any Tanzanian youth who is enrolled in any higher leaning Institution in the country. Participants are required to use their names (as they appear in their respective higher learning institution’s records) and provide their registered mobile phone numbers, university/college name, course and the year of enrolment.
Targeting and involving Tanzanian students in higher learning institutions, the main objectives of the challenge are to develop and encourage the culture of saving and investment, to enhance financial management and entrepreneurial skills, and to create/foster a sense of ownership, teamwork, critical thinking and problem solving among the youth. The challenge also aims at educating youth the prudent process of investment decision making and risk management and in the process, foster links with professional bodies and industry.
  • Download the "Leverage Scholar" App on your smartphone from Google Play Store OR Apple App Store.
  • Visit the website OR
  • Use your mobile phone to dial the USSD Code *150*36#
  • Complete the registration process
  • Create your own unique password for accessing your account
  • The challenge is through mobile (SMS & Leverage Scholar App) and Internet – platform provided by Maxcom, Leverage and Smart Youth
  • Each participant (individual/team) will be given an initial virtual capital of TZS 1,000,000/-
  • A participant has an option to borrow additional funds through a loan (virtual capital) for more investments 
  • Participants will use the DSE website (, or Mobile Phones (Leverage Scholar App OR Dial *150*36#) to access current prices and available shares.


Overall Winners will be determined at the end of the 3 months competition period. The winning portfolios will be evaluated by an audit panel of judges drawn from the following:

  • DSE
  • Selected Faculty members from higher learning institutions
  • Stockbrokers and Investment Experts

Participants may use DSE website and social media pages to participate in discussion forums and briefly provide their investment objectives. Shortlisted top 10 performers will be invited for a live discussion forum to explain and discuss their investment objectives and strategies that guided their investment decisions. Judges will use the forum to test participants’ teamwork, problem-solving, and critical thinking abilities/skills.
The following weighted average method will be used for tallying and identifying the winning portfolio:

  • 50% - Highest overall portfolio value on the last day of the challenge.
  • 30% - The reason given by participants to support their investment decisions.
  • 20% - Discussion forum participation.


  • Cash
  • Certificate of participation
  • Mentorship opportunity

Rules and Disclaimers

  • Participants can only access / buy shares that are available in the system using the existing live prices on DSE’s Systems and website
  • Participants cannot sell shares that are not available in their portfolio
  • The DSE Scholar Investment challenge is a securities trading simulation of what happens at the Dar es Salaam Stock Exchange. It is by no means meant to represent the actual happenings of the DSE. Participants should therefore use the challenge only as a learning tool and educational entertainment.
  • The final interpretation of these (and other) rules is at the sole discretion of the challenge coordinators and judges. Any decision made by the challenge coordinators and judges will be final and no correspondence will be entered into.
  • The DSE, on matters relating to the challenge and related initiatives; may (at own discretion) accept, reject or terminate any teams participation, before, during or after the challenge for any reason whatsoever.
  • The DSE reserves the right to change or amend the rules before, during or after the challenge. Change of rules will be communicated via DSE websites and applied to all the teams equally.
  • Team members should work as a team combining their research knowledge to arrive at joint decision. Any transaction performed by a team member will be assumed to be a collective decision by the team and will be binding on the team.
  • By taking part in this challenge, participants fully authorize DSE to use their legal names, images, School ID numbers, and other related information for identification, promotion, recruitment and all other current and future Challenge activities.
  • Research is an integral part of the investment process – participants are therefore expected to use various data, reports, researches, papers and approaches to guide their investment decisions  


Downloadable Files: 
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