ACA 4,245     CRDB 160     DCB 340     DSE 1,720     EABL 5,320     JHL 12,060     KA 245     KCB 1,090     MBP 590     MCB 500     MKCB 830     MUCOBA 400     NMB 2,750     NMG 2,410     PAL 470     SWALA 500     SWIS 3,520     TBL 16,400     TCC 17,000     TCCL 1,200     TICL 450     TOL 780     TPCC 1,640     TTP 120     USL 40     VODA 800     YETU 600     

Historical Background

1996 - Incorporation of the Dar es Salaam Stock Exchange and approval of Stock Exchange Rules

1997 - Publication of Collective Investment Scheme Regulations

1998 - Start of operations of the DSE with the first privatization and listing of state owned entity

1999 - Installation of the Central Depository System at the Exchange and Listing of the first corporate debt

1999 - Issuance of Guidelines for the Issue of Corporate Bonds

2002 - Listing and start of trading of Treasury Bonds at the Exchange

2004 - Cross listing of the first foreign company and the listing of the first airline company

2006 - Deployment of Automated Trading System linked with a new three tier Central Depository System

2008 - Listing of the first commercial bank

2011 - Listing of the first mining company

2011 - Publication of Regulations to govern introduction of Real Estates Investment Trusts

2013 - Migration to the new efficient Automated Trading System and Central Depository System

2013 - Launching of the second tier market: EGM - Enterprise Growth Market (EGM)

2013 - Listing of the first company on EGM

2014 - Deployment of ATS on the Wide Area Network and start of remote trading by brokers

2014 - Uplifting of Foreign Investors Limits Regulations

2015 - Introduction of the regulatory framework and subsequent use of mobile phone technology in IPOs (Equity and Debt) and Secondary Trading

2015 - DSE Demutualization and Re-incorporation into a Public Limited Company

2016 - DSE IPO and Self-Listing ; DSE joined the world federation of exchanges supporting United Nations Sustainable Stock Exchanges initiative; DSE Initiated the DSE Members Award.

2017- DSE listing of Vodacom Tanzania Plc the first and the largest telecom company in the country.